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Forecast Verification

Verification Statistics Summary Tables

Total Records Total number of forecast/observation records used to generate statistic
Mean (f) Mean forecast
Mean (o) Mean observation
Median (f) Median forecast 
Median (o) Median observation
Std Dev (f) Standard deviation of forecasts
Std Dev (o) Standard deviation of observations
ME Mean error
MAE Mean absolute error
MRE Mean relative error
RMSE Root mean square error
MAPE Mean absolute percent error
CC Correlation coefficient between forecasts and observations
MAESS Mean absolute error skill score
MSESS Mean square error skill score

Forecast Type: F10.7 Solar Flux


1Forecast VS Observation Plot
2Forecast ME,MAE,MRE,MAPE Plot
3F10.7 Forecast Linear Association Plot
4Forecast Skill VS Lead Time
This plot shows SEPC forecast skill as a function of lead-time for forecasts of 10.7 cm solar flux. The skill of forecasts produced by SEPC is compared to that of forecasts produced by 27-day recurrence. Negative values indicate no skill above constant forecasts of sample recurrence.